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March 22nd, 2013 | Comments (0)

Date? Check. Dress? Check. Hair? Check. Make-up?… Not Check. We’ve compiled our best make-up tips for when you’re deciding how to put your face on for prom night.

Overall Tips:

  • Pick your eyes or your mouth to accentuate.
    • If you choose your eyes… go all out with eye liner, eye shadow and mascara. Pair them with a subtle light lip.
    • If you choose your lips… use a red or vibrant pink to draw them out, but make sure to go lighter on the eyes.
  • Perfect your skin tone.
    • Know your skin type. Skin comes in many different ways – normal, oily, dry, a combination and sensitive. Products are even made specifically for your skin type, so knowing what kind of skin you have can help you buy the makeup that will always have you looking your best.
    • Choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin and blends in well with the jaw line. Remember to add some color! Blush can help you create the perfect cheekbones and help boost your healthy glow.
  • Pictures of Celebs or Makeup styles you like.
    • It never hurts to have a photo of someone’s make-up that you love. It’s easier to recreate when you see your end result. It is also easier for a makeup artist to replicate if you decide to go to a professional.

Specific tips for eyes…

  • Blending is Key.  Make sure to use different colors and always blend darker colors on the outside edges of your eye. If you have close-set eyes, using a white color on the inside corner of the eye, near the tear duct can open them up and make them seem not only bigger but wider apart.
  • Choose shadow colors that make your eyes pop!  Use your eye color to choose a great shadow shade. Brown eyes look great with green or pink eye shadow while blue eyes look better with earth tones with a slight purple base or slate grey. Hazel and green eyes look best with purple eye shadow because it provides a dramatic contrast. If you don’t want to go super dramatic use a warm mocha color.
  • Open Up Your Eyes.  Keep your eyebrows manicured and curl your lashes. Also using eye liner on the top and bottom lids tends to close the eye, so focus on just the top lid instead.

When all is said and done and your makeup is done to perfection, there is one last thing to remember- Bring back-ups! Pack your purse with the essentials: Lipstick/gloss, blotting papers, concealer, powder, breath mints and a small bottle of hairspray are all necessary items for touch ups in the bathroom. With your war paint on and your arsenal packed, you’ll be ready to have a blast at prom!


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