Prom Tips & Facts

The Clothes, The Date, The Details

Do like the stars!

Take a picture of your favorite celeb ‘do with you to the salon and ask your stylist to make you look like a star. Check out the web for step by step instructions for hair like some of your favorites.

You’ve got the dress, you’ve got the accessories but what are you going to do about your hair? Should you make an appointment at the salon or do it yourself? Either way, make sure you choose a style you love and do your research… Read More

Fit to a T!

Leave plenty of time after selecting your dress to get alterations from a professional – or if you are lucky – get them for free from a favorite aunt or grandmother with a knack for sewing. You can shorten it, take it in, let it out or simply add beads, ribbon or jewels for a little extra glam! Guys – remember your tux will need to be altered too – so don’t wait ‘til the last minute.

Glam it up!

Head to the mall right before the salon and try on the latest looks at the hottest makeup counters. They will let you try the products for free and you will look fresh for your big night. Make sure you pick up the fabulous lipstick – so you will have it for touch-ups later in the evening.

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Add a little “Bling ”

Choose a basic solid colored purse and add fabric, fake-fur, beads, ribbon or jewels to match your dress. You’ll have a fun and unique accessory long after prom is over.

Ride in Style

Whether you are renting a limo or borrowing your uncle’s convertible, make your arrangements early. Prom season is also high season for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties, so the prices go up and cool rides are harder to find. Your family members will be much more willing to share their ride if they know you have taken the Pledge!

Check out these local retailers in the Triad for great Prom Fashions:

  • Belk – Four Seasons Mall
  • Cache – Hanes Mall (336) 768-4220
  • David’s Bridal – (336) 774-3887
  • Belks – Hanes Mall (336) 768-9200
  • Macy’s – Hanes Mall -(336) 659-0512

* Some stores even offer a registry to make sure they don’t sell the same dress to two girls attending the same prom. Make sure you ask!

More Bang for your Buck

If you are light on cash but still want to have a memorable prom – no worries. Check out local resale or consignment shops for fantastic prom fashions. You can always add a little extra something to make it your own. Or check out programs like Enchanted Prom through the local YWCA – they distribute prom dresses and accessories to qualified prom-goers!

Tips for staying Safe & Sober on Prom Night

Be prepared to deal with the pressures that come with the territory

Not everyone will be as smart as you. There will be some who will decide to drink or use drugs and try to encourage you to do the same. Don’t be caught off guard and say “yes” to something you’ll regret. Be ready to say “No” or walk away. Humor often works in these situations and once they realize you’re not going to join them, they’ll leave you alone.

Plan something fun and stick to the plan

Prom is all about the memories. If you and your friends plan something exciting, off-the-wall and memorable, no one will want to leave to drink or use drugs. You can go for coffee, grab a late night bite or even something silly like karaoke. By making firm plans, everyone will have a say and you’ll look forward to just being together. This will be worth far more than one night of bad choices.

Be a leader for others to see

Just like peer pressure works to get others to drink or use drugs, it can also work in a positive way. If you’re having a blast and are the life of the party AND you’re staying sober, others will take notice. Show them it’s possible and actually better to have a good time without being intoxicated. You’ll have a great time with no regrets!