What is Safe Sober Prom Night?

The Safe Sober Prom Night Program was founded in 1991 to encourage teens to stay safe and drug and alcohol free during Prom. Over 450 High Schools in North Carolina and South Carolina have participated in the program. Since its inception more than 500,000 students have signed the Safe Sober pledge. In addition, more than $45,000 has been awarded to schools with the highest percentage of participation.

How does the Safe Sober Prom Night Program work?

The Safe Sober Prom Night Program creates awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol – particularly around Prom time. The Program asks students to sign a pledge card agreeing to stay drug and alcohol free on prom night. High Schools across the Carolinas use this program on its own, but many also combine it with other activities including dramatizations of accident scenes involving drunk drivers. Some schools involve their SADD or drama departments, while others use the prom committee or other enthusiastic students. Click here to check out videos of some Safe Sober Prom Night Events.

Getting Involved

How do I take the Safe Sober Pledge?

First, find your high school on our list of participating schools. You can find the list here. Then see your Safe Sober Prom Night coordinator or attend an event and sign your pledge card.

I have a T-shirt design for Safe Sober Prom Night – How do I submit it?

Terrific! We are looking for teen artists to submit designs for next year’s Safe Sober Prom Night shirt. If we choose yours, you get a $500 scholarship! Just complete our online form, attach your design and submit the form.

How do I get more information about Safe Sober Prom Night?

For more information about the Safe Sober program, please contact Daggett Shuler, Attorneys At Law, at 336-464-0834 or SafeSober@DaggettShulerLaw.com We’d love to help you make the safe choice on prom night!

Our School would like Safe Sober Prom Night to come to our Pre-prom event. Who should we contact?

Call our Program Director, at Daggett Shuler, Attorneys At Law, at 336-724-1234 or send an email to SafeSober@DaggettShulerLaw.com

Who Sponsors or Funds the Safe Sober Prom Night Program?

Safe Sober Prom Night was founded in 1991. Daggett Shuler, Attorneys At Law funds the program.  SSPN is endorsed by a broad group of community promotional partners including the South Carolina High School League and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. Click here for a list of our current sponsors. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us.